Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wedding Weight-Loss Contest

Mary and Joel's wedding is planned for May 9. Mary, Joel, Joel's parents and Joel's uncle are competing to see who can lose the most pounds before the wedding with the final weigh-in on May 5. They asked me to join at the beginning and there has been speculation as to why I did not. Here are some of the comments:
  • “he is the shadow watching from the sidelines”
  • “Because he works out with his mind and he knew none of us would stand a chance against him. He can claim to be the champion from the sidelines or claim to not have been trying. He is one sneaky engineer….”
  • “I think my dad is too independent of us to do it and he wants to blog about his contest with himself.”
  • “Because he thinks we should spend more time solving algebraic equations and reading Latin”

I am proud of all of them. Together I think they have lost over 50 pounds! I wish you could lose mass and girth by "working out with my mind," I would be the winner for sure! But why didn't I join, really? Well I think there are two reasons: 1) I was too cheap to come up with the entry fee; and, 2) If I won, I would feel guilty taking other people's money. It's tough being raised a Catholic, even if you are born again.

They are all winners by wasting the weight, no matter who claims the contest cash.


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