Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mike and Carissa,

You blog is so beautiful. What a wonderful family you have. Blessings in Jesus. Aunt Meg

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Afternoon on Ana Maria Island

Here is the whole gang.
A nice lady sitting near by
volunteered to take the picture.
We are on Ana Maria Island on the Gulf of Mexico.

Here are Tori and Sara jumping some waves.
The water temperature was prefect, it didn't feel warm or cold.

Tori is testing the water.
She really enjoyed her time at the beach.
She built a sand castle and found lots of sea shells

Kathi and Tori wave jumping.

Here Alan is having a little fun with my Mexican hat.
We did not do a Mexican Hat Dance though.

May all your days on the beach be warm and sunny!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fishing on the Gulf

Today Alan and I got to go fishing on the Gulf of Mexico out of the Cortex fishing dock. These are a couple of pelicans who greeted our return. Actually they were staring intently at the Captain who was cleaning the fish.

I only got sick twice.

Here I am catching a "big" shark. Actually, it was about 2 feet long. It put up a pretty good fight though. I caught a lot of little fish call red groupers that we had to through back because they were too small. Alan and also caught some Key West Snappers. They are also small fish, no pictures of them. Alan hooked two sharks, but didn't land any. You will have to ask him about the story.
Here I am holding up the shark and a king fish that I caught. The king fish we caught were really good fighters, a lot of fun to catch.

Here is Alan holding the two king fish he caught. If you click on the video clip below, you can see that Alan was a little disappointed with his catch. :-)

Here is Alan catching a really big one. He pulled and pulled, but it got away. Actually this happened a lot. We were hooking the coral reef or the little fish were pulling the lines into the coral. Eventually the line broke.

Here is Alan's Victory Dance!

May all your fishing adventures be full of success!