Friday, February 13, 2009

Steve's Weight Loss Update

This was a troubling week on the weight loss effort… actually gained a pound from last Friday. No excuses, just not maintaining. There are two formulas:

Calories burned greater than calories consumed = weight loss.
Calories burned less than calories consumed = weight gain.

It is pretty simple really. I really can’t eat much less. So just need to keep calorie consumption higher.
This week my extra exercise included:

Saturday: ran/walked 3 miles in 33+ minutes (goal is 5 KM in 30 minutes)
Sunday: none
Monday: none
Tuesday: Used Wii Fit and got 60 fitness points, including jogging in place for several minutes.
Wednesday: Walked 1 mile (two tips around the neighborhood with the dogs)
Thursday: Climbed up & down 7 flights of stairs in the parking garage & walked ½ Mile
Two weeks until the Gasporilla 5K event for which I have been training. My pulse is about 64 this morning.

May you exceed all your expectations,

Love, Steve

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dachshund Update

Many know that at the end of November we were blessed with the arrival of 5 new Dachshund puppies from Ruby and Chauncey. Kathi has been working hard to find families for them (and make a small profit doing it since they are AKC registered). As of yesterday we are down to two males with the departure of Frankie to a new home (he will live with his father, Schatscy, and his family). Moo, the big rolly polly one who walks and acts like a bull sometimes and Dasher (Kathi is shortening it to Dash, but the new family will no doubt change the name again) who is mostly quiet and shy except when Moo tries to take his treat. Both are playful and have great personalities and love to cuddle especially when they are tired. Both have long hair and lots of colors: brown, red, gray and black. Let me know if you want more information or pictures. Kathi has some on-line places where you can view the pictures. Ruby and Nanny Lucy seem to be taking the departure of the pups in stride except Ruby was still a little testy with the neighbors on the walk last night.

Love, Steve