Friday, March 13, 2009

Steve's Weight Loss Update

The weight is still coming down, a little at a time. I hope that by shedding the weight slowly, I will not be in such a hurry to put it back on!
This week I learned of the sudden passing of a co-worker from my days with the Federal Highway Administration in Minnesota. His name was Tom Fudaly. Apparently he died suddenly while waiting for a red traffic light to change. He was only 56. The person who told me did not have any details about cause of death. He was still working for FHWA but had moved to Lansing Michigan. He was survived by his wife Carol. I can't recall if he had any children. Tom was one of those nice guys who got along with everyone, worked hard, and played hard. When I looked him up on, it looks like he was very active in his job. He will be missed.
Tom's early departure emphasizes the importance of my quest to shed those excess pounds. My brother Larry's recent discovery that he has diabetes is another reason.
Until next time, don't wait to shed the weight before it's too late.
Love, Steve

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