Friday, January 30, 2009

Steve's Weight Goal Update

Today's weight loss report, while still positive, shows a definate sideways and up/down trend to the data. I believe this is because I have not been as consistent as I was the first two weeks in doing something every day. Of course there is always an excuse. Last night it was raining (well it was.... even if it was only a slight drizzle :-)). No excuses tonight or this weekend, weather promises to be dry and cool. Perfect for walking and jogging. Another good report, I am almost always using the middle notch on my belt the past week or so. Before I started it was always one notch larger.

Enough for today. Does anyone else what to report progress on New Year's Goals or other personal/family projects? Please go ahead and do so or sent me the info via e-mail and I will add the post for you.

Love, Steve

Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Psycho Mom"

You may be aware that our miniature dachshund Ruby gave birth to her third set of puppies at the beginning of December. She is a good mother and for the first few weeks is very dutiful about latrine duty, keeping each puppy’s #1 and #2 from getting on the towels in the litter box. (Do I have to paint a picture?) That’s no small chore with five puppies. After those first few weeks she tends to focus on feeding the puppies and ignores the other.

Well, we have a female from Ruby’s first litter named “Lucy.” When Ruby began to neglect the cleanliness chores, Lucy began to step up to the plate…with a vengeance. She cleaned them front and back during live action, if you get my drift.

Now that they are a little bigger and using the puppy pads for #1, this is how it goes. We get the puppies up to go #1 on the pads. They are usually very prompt. Lucy then chases them around the floor until she catches them in the act of #2. She licks it clean so that not a milligram hits the floor and if it does she cleans that, too. She won’t stop until they are all done and if she misses one, she fixes that too. It is quite a site seeing her franticly run from puppy to puppy until the job is done. Then she is ready to go out and take care of her own business.

Due to her devotion to duty we affectionately call her “Psycho Mom.” She is practically perfect except when she barks when someone comes to the door. Do we need a visit from the Dog Whisperer?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom!

81 and still going strong
A life like that deserves a song

But since I can't sing
This simple poem I bring

Hope you are able to have some fun
At least an hour or two in the sun

A delightful place to dine
A glass of your favorite wine

The joy of family and friends
To gladden the day before it ends

To each of us you mean so much
As our lives you continue to touch

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Love, Steve

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Prayer Request Update...

First of all, let me just say thank you! Those who responded to my request for prayer and those who didn’t, but still prayed, Thank You! David is doing better in that he’s not getting worse. They didn’t keep him in the hospital and he doesn’t have MRSA like they feared. Still, nobody knows what he has, so he could still use your prayers for healing.

Blessings to you all for a happy Sunday!

Until Next Post,

Farmer Boy’s Mom