Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wedding Is Getting Close

Mary's wedding is going to start getting real for me today. I begin to get hyper-engaged this afternoon, picking up out of state travelers who will be arriving at the Tampa airport. Tomorrow I have to try on the tux and get a hair cut. I know tough duty. But there are some church decorations that I have to help with like sand bags to hold down the poles holding up the cloth trellis that will be on the platform.

Of course Kathi and Mary and others have been hyper engaged for the past few months. I have mainly been a cheer leader.

And you wouldn't believe the number of boxes that arrive daily. Some for Kathi for the wedding decorations. Some for mary for gifts for her bride's maids. And some for Mary and Joel for wedding gifts. I have tossed dozens of boxes over the past few weeks.

Mary's friend Kerry arrived a couple days ago so she has been helping Mary a lot and spending time at the beach. The beach on Anna Maria Island is very nice and not many people this time of the year.

Joel is busy at work, I guess they are making him get two week of work done so he can take off next week for the honeymoon.

Well, enough!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Face Book Experience

Last night I finally "reached out" with Face Book and now have a four whole "friends." Face Book is a little frustrating. I don't really know what I am doing yet, so I guess it will get easier.

Thanks to former boss and co-worker Duane who now lives in Arizona for being the tipping point to get me started.

I sent out a couple other friend invitations. Mainly to family but one to a former member of the Olympia High School band from the class of 1965.

Another thing I did was link the family blogs to the face book "wall." We're all tied together.

Well got to go.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Talented Bahler

Tori is our grand daughter who lives in Washington. She is a very bubbly and delightful first grader. This weekend she competed in a dance contest. Her 3-girl team finished first.

She loves to dance. She loves to pose for pictures, too. She is bringing her parents to Florida in a few weeks. We plan to go to Disney World in Orlando and to take her dad fishing on the Gulf of Mexico. He really wants to catch a big fish or two.

Here is her trophy for the dance contest. She definately won't need that jacket when she gets to Florida. And she will definately need some sun screen!