Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Looking Again at the Stock Market

I have been watching the stock market and some stocks closely since October or so. This month there has been an interesting turn for the better. On March 12, I have cautiously moved small percentages of my 401k from bond funds back to growth and small cap funds. These funds have risen solidly since then. It may be time to consider investing again, cautiously. When the market started dropping last year, I lost over 10% of my 401k value before I moved all the money into lower yield safe funds. Since I have only a few years left to retirement, my tolerance for loss is mimimal. I am hoping for some level of growth in these funds over the next few months.

Some stock I have been watching, but have not bought:
Ford (F), it was down to about $1.60. Today it closed at $2.47
Bank of America (BAC): it was down to nearly $3.00 early this month, today it closed at $7.68, over double.
There a lot of other examples like that.

May God cause your investments and all you do to grow for His glory.

Love, Steve

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