Saturday, April 18, 2009

I finally figured this out!!

Dad has written a quarterly report about the blogs and apparently he wants more people to post on here. I never did because I couldn't until now.

It is 21 days till the big Wedding day and I can't believe the time went by so fast. I got my dress altered last week and I think its going to look really nice. My mom is decorating as much right now as possible so she will have less to do the days leading up to the wedding. Its all coming together slowly. I even made up a dance for the father daughter dance at the reception that I taught dad.

Some people keep asking me if I'm getting stressed out yet? So far I'm not. There are things I'm wondering how its going to get done, but I'm trying to stay calm and not worry too much.

I'm also starting to pack my stuff and slowly move to Joel's condo. That is weird!

Thats all for now.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Blog Quarterly Report

Last year it came to me that we should start a family blog. At the beginning of the year we were able to start this blog and now two others "Avials Much" and "Meleconomic Encouragment." After dozens of posts to these blogs, I thought I might share what going well and what has failed to meet my expectations.

Going Well:
  • The links allow us to jump to other family member blogs easily to read and provide comments;
  • The prayer requests on Avails Much have generally been answered to our great joy as God shows Himself to be true to His Word;
  • Some family members are reading the blogs regularly and even providing comments and encouragement;
  • Several business associates are reading Meleconomic Encouragement and encouraging me to continue;
  • Several others are providing posts, particularly for Meleconomic Encouragement;
  • The weekly weight loss reports have kept me focused on my goals there; and,
  • Appartently we have few (very small number) at this point of readers who stumbled onto the site without being invited, and one has provided a comment.

What has failed to meet my expections:

  • We are getting very few posts from familiy members. I had hoped this could become kind of a family blog to share what's happening with our family scattered as it is. But it is hard to compete with Face Book for that, I guess.
  • We have not yet started any "family projects" which I had envisioned would be creative multi-media works we could share on the Blog. The small exception to this are the several motivational posts on Meleconomic Encouragement.
  • It has not been as easy as it should be for my mom and some other family members to access the blogs regularly.

Well, I guess I need to make a "GRAM" and get going on a project or two myself. If you don't know what GRAM is, check Meleconomic Encouragement and scroll down through the historical posts until you find it. It is a quick read!


Steve's Weekly Weight Loss Update

This has been a better week, if you look at the the graph. Weight is again averaging down. I have been sick this week, battling a cold. Not fun. But it has dampened my appetite a little so the weight loss continues. Only exercises were a couple dance lessons (really pretty short) in preparation for Mary's wedding. There will be a father-daughter dance that Mary has choreographed. There will also be a father-mother dance which requires you to follow the beat one-two-three-pause with your feet and lots of twirling and stuff. This is proving to be very difficlut for me. It's the pause that gets me.

This morning the scale tipped at 204. It is exciting to realize that I am one pound from reaching the 20-pound milestone. It is also exciting to reallize that this morning, my belt went on two notches shorter and has been varying back and forth between one and two notches shorter for the past few weeks.

May you accomplish all your milestones on your journey from day to day.

Love, Steve