Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sarah and Her Violin

To ALL of you who are interested in Sarah's violin competition, today (Sat.1/17) in Spokane. SHE WON the all Northwest area which included Alaska, Wa, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana -- I think I have all the states that Carla told me when I asked & when she just called to tell me of Sarah's success. Now she goes to further competition in Georgia at the end of March. I do not know how many were competing today, but I gathered it was quite a number. Of course all the Halls are really pleased as are each of us, huh. Pleased & Proud that all of Sarah's determination with practicing, practicing had very good results.

So, with that latest Family Update ---------------- 'Bye for now, Love, Mom/Grandma/GG
Note: the picture is about a year old. If someone sends me a new picture, I will replace this one. (Steve)


  1. Yay Sarah!!! Well Done! Hugs, Cousin Carissa

  2. To put Sarah's accomplishment in prespective, when I was a senior in high school, I was selected for all Washington and then all Northwest Band. I was first chair base clarinet. That was good, and I did okay. Later, I tried to enter a solo contest to become a member of BOV (a music honorary group). I tried for weeks to memorize the song. At the audition, I repeated a refrain too many times but the piano accompianist recognized what I was doing and covered for me. I nearly passed out from the stress.

    Sarah is amazing for entering the contest
    Sarah is amazing for having the composure to do well in spite of the obvious stress

    A gift tuned with hard work becomes a symphony

    Love, Uncle Steve

  3. Good job Sarah!
    I hope you do great in the future.

    Farmer Boy

  4. I have zero music talent and am always amazed at your ability, and a little bit jealous. But that's not the point. Anyhow, Sarah you astound me and I'm very proud of you!!