Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bet Ya Didn't Think of This

Parents are always careful when selecting names for their children. We don't want to encourage bad nicknames or create initials that spell something awkward. My Dad's middle name was "Spurgeon" after the famous preacher, his friends figured out it rhymed with "sturgeon" so they called him "Fish." I just got a call at work from a lady whose first names starts with "S" and her last name is "Pike." "SP" - no problems with the initials. However, when she formats her e-mail address according to the company pattern, it becomes "spike" "Spike" how cool is that but probably not something most parents would want their daughters to be called.


  1. I had to comment on this. We have a child with awful initials. But I'm telling you it couldn't be avoided. Solomon mean Peaceable. Mike and I couldn't agree on the middle name, either Michael or Obadiah. Michael means 'who is like the Lord,' Obadiah means 'servant of God.' I knew his middle name was going to be Obadiah because God told me I was going to have an "Obadiah" years before he was born. Anyway, how did Mike and I agree? The old-fashioned way, we played an exciting game of WAR. Guess who won? I never win games! Clearly it was blessed by the Lord. Still, I knew certain people, especially on this side of the family, would disaprove of his initials. Here's what my friend said, "SOB just stands for Son of a Blanchard!" AMEN!

  2. I always thought the initials were a prophetic tear for our country. Solomon reigned during the years of Israel's greatest prosperity. Obadiah prophesied after Jerusalem was destroyed bringing comfort to the Israelis and warning of God's judgement on those who destroyed Jerusalem. In recent months we are seeing evidence that America is under attack both from abroad and within. The wealth God has blessed us with is being stolen. Our president recently restored using Federal funds for abortions. The days of God's blessing the nation seem to be coming to an end and our ememies are triumphing. But God promises to take care of his people through all of it but woe to those who are bringing the destruction.

    In a recent e-mail Solomon said it was hard for him to find a picture of him smiling. It may be that he is already feeling the weight of his prophetic calling. We need to continually hold him up in prayer.

    Love, Dad