Monday, June 8, 2009

Movie Mania

We saw the Star Trek movie a couple weeks ago. They live in a utopian society where no one is paid an income, there is no poverty, there is no hunger. Sounds just like the dream of the LIberals! Someone decides your role in society, unless you are James Kirk and you take your role by force. So if you are not James Kirk, you get what they give you and of course you are motivated because of the utopian society to excell. Actually, nearly everybody in the movie was completely incompetent, except Kirk of course, which I suspect will be the real outcome of the utopian society envisioned by hollywood and the liberals.

Oh, I forgot in the movie, there are aliens trying to destroy our planet! No big problem, though, since everyone eats synthicized food, they can focus entirely on stopping the aliens. I know I always think better when I eat artificial food.

We saw Terminator Salvation last night. The savior of humanity is named John Connor. Note the initials. However, the real savior was someone else who gave his heart to save John Connor. This hero was a murderer who suddenly became a protector. They kept talking about second chances. But that's it though, no third chance!

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