Monday, June 8, 2009

Health Insurance Poll

This weekend I was polled about the need to reform health care in the United States. I rarely get polled, so it was kind of fun.

It goes without saying that everybody wants the best possible medical treatment to be available and affordable. You've heard the cry: "quality, affordable health insurance for everyone."

The questions were all double-edged or vague, however, so I had to answer "no" to most of them. The poll seemed to be trying to get me to say I was in favor of raising taxes on individuals and businesses and having the government control of medical insurance and services for everyone.

That's the same government that says it okay to kill unborn children, even children partially born, while on the other hand saying you can go to jail for disturbing a swallow's nest. Somehow, I just couldn't trust that kind of a government with medical decisions for my loved ones.

At the end they asked me if it would be okay to have someone from the "news media" interview me about my responses. Of course I said "no." Ummm, makes me wonder, am I on one of those "watch lists" because of my recent quips?

Why is it "health insurance" anyway. They are not insuring our health, are they? We are paying premiums so they will pay for our needed medical care. Shouldn't it be called "medical insurance?"

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