Friday, June 5, 2009

Quotes and Quips?

Our President's campaign promises are like a hot air balloon. Pretty and graceful on the outside, empty on the inside. I guess that makes him the ultimate politician.

Our President's campaign promises are like a mirage in the dessert. They look hopeful in the distance, but as you get near, they vanish. Maybe he should stop making promises.

Some think God in the Bible and Allah in the Koran are the same. God is the god of gods, king of kings, prince of peace. Allah is the god of the moon. I guess that's why our President thinks they are the same.

Companies like Boeing increase or decrease the number of employees as their plane sales increase or decrease. It is a normal part of their business. When a goverment's revenues decrease, you would think the world came to an end when they were forced into a staff reduction. They feel they are successful when they eliminate vacant positions, not real jobs. I guess that explains why our President and Congress are so determined to make more government jobs.

This morning as I was driving to work, my trip was delayed by a crash blocking the right lane: a small car was crushed under a jack-knifed truck. It made me cry out to God in tears for the person in the car. Then I realized our government wants us all to be driving in the tiniest possible cars. I only have a limited supply of tears and I definately don't want my kids driving in the smallest possible cars. One did, and it nearly killed her. Now she drives a Suburban. You go girl!

On a happier note, it is raining about an inch a day in Florida. Finally, the draught is not front page news. Some Floridians should spend some time in Arizona. They are delighted with an inch a month!.

Our Governor lost his approval rating with the "Green Folks" this week. He signed a bill making development easier in some Florida communities. That bill could create more jobs and more revenue so there is money to spend on Green Projects. The "Green Folks" should spend a few days in Haiti to see how "green" cities are when no one has a job.

Let me know if these amuse or abuse.



  1. I love you honey. You inspire me.
    Your wife.

  2. Love it, It makes a lot of sense, I like how you write out your posts, they are very inspiring.

  3. I read part of Obama's speech in Cairo where he basically and explicitly told everyone that Christians, Jews, and Muslims should all live in Jerusalem forever in peace. My heart cries out to the Lord for the souls of everyone who does not understand what is wrong with that proclamation. I am glad to hear some passion from you on this too!