Friday, April 24, 2009

Steve's Weekly Weight Loss Update

Well another week, another pound or so. Still doesn't' look like I will make 200 by the wedding. A slower than desirable week because I ate more that I usually do. Remember the Greek Easter? What I didn't tell you was that I went back for seconds on the dessert which I am sure was pretty full of sugar. And then I didn't exercise more to make up for it.

Last night I "watched" Mary and Joel excercise to the "mother of all workouts." I don't suppose I can burn caleries by ozmosis?

Tonight is Joel's "man shower." Sounds like it is going to be mainly eating! I am hoping I am over the cold enough to were I can get back to running a little.

Anyway, is that enough excuses for today? If not, I can probably think of some more.

May you overcome your excuses with a no matter what attitude.


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