Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Signs of the Times

Today at lunch, I took a little walk. The weather was fine. The sidewalks and the Franklin Street mall were busy but not by any means crowded. You know me, its hard to just walk unless I have a destination in mind. And this time was no exception.

I was headed to the shoe repair shop to see if they could re-attach the sole of one of my shoes (not the ones I'm wearing today thankfully). After I asked the Middle Eastern shop keeper if he could fix the shoe, I commented that it is not good to be soul-less. I am not sure he caught my pun. First he said the shoe would be ready tomorrow. After I paid the $10, he said they would be ready in 2 weeks! I guess he did have a sense of humor, at least I think he did. We'll see tomorrow.

As I walked to the shoe repair store, a person ahead of me stopped at a used book store display. It was like it just drew her in, like a huge magnet. On they way back I saw a jewelry store that said "sale" on the window. So I went in to see if there were any "on sale" wedding bands. The one Mary got Joel on E-Bay did not pass Joel's muster. They had some rings for 60% off! A couple of them might have been just was Joel wants. Anyway, I'll pass the information on to Mary for her consideration.

So I guess the moral is, peolple are looking to save money and I am not sure if my sense of humor works for Middle Eastern shop keepers. But who really knows if my sense of humor works for anyone or if they laugh just to be polite because I get this "did you get it" look on my face!

May all your deals be good deals! - Steve

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