Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Are Blogs the New American Media?

Many times I have been disappointed with news coverage on TV or newspapers. Sometimes I was personally involved in the news event and hardly recognized what was being reported. On the other had I have had many e-mails forwarded to me with claims regarding events and persons. When I check into these, I find that they are often untrue or biased as well. I had a friend who was a news reporter. I asked him if he was able to report what he observed without bias or without modification of facts from his editor. He said he was, but last time I heard, he was no longer a news journalist. There are just too many barriers to reporting facts and truth.

That brings us to Blogs and other personal web sites. Blogs, at least the Blogs I am following, are chronicaling the every day lives, trials, dreams and hopes of real peole. They are generally unfiltered by others with different "agendas." They are unfettered with political correctness or ideology. They offer a window into the lives of those around us.

Some websites such as Face Book have potential, but can become tools for those with agendas to try to influence others for good or bad. Blogs seem to be the "grass roots" media of the 21st Century. Look for truth where you find it and hold onto it with all your strength.

Thanks for listening.


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  1. Steve, very proud of you and a bit envious of your weight loss. Keep up the good work! We are all fine here, trying very hard to bring in more work and keep things moving work wise. Wish we could come to the wedding.....but it was great being there in February....

    love john and jean