Friday, April 17, 2009

Steve's Weekly Weight Loss Update

This has been a better week, if you look at the the graph. Weight is again averaging down. I have been sick this week, battling a cold. Not fun. But it has dampened my appetite a little so the weight loss continues. Only exercises were a couple dance lessons (really pretty short) in preparation for Mary's wedding. There will be a father-daughter dance that Mary has choreographed. There will also be a father-mother dance which requires you to follow the beat one-two-three-pause with your feet and lots of twirling and stuff. This is proving to be very difficlut for me. It's the pause that gets me.

This morning the scale tipped at 204. It is exciting to realize that I am one pound from reaching the 20-pound milestone. It is also exciting to reallize that this morning, my belt went on two notches shorter and has been varying back and forth between one and two notches shorter for the past few weeks.

May you accomplish all your milestones on your journey from day to day.

Love, Steve

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