Friday, April 10, 2009

Steve's Weight Loss Update

This past week was somewhat discouraging. My weight has been hovering around 207 all week. The sideways drift to the line is clear. Remember the formula? Less calories eaten + more caleries burned through exercise = weight loss. This week there has been a lot of pre-Easter nuts, candy and cookies around the house. These have been hard for me to resist so calorie intake has increased. Also, I have been working longer at my job with the long commute means I am generally too tired to go for a run in the evening, so burning less calories. Ergo, weight loss has flat-lined. Got to pick it up again, still 4 weeks to go, but 200 # by the wedding seems a long shot now. Even 4 more #'s would be a blessing. Can you image carrying around 17 #'s of lard all the time? That's what I have lost since starting this jouney!

May we all pick it up as we head to the finish line.


  1. Hey!! I was just browsing for new blogs and I liked yours:) I'll keep reading it!!

  2. Maggini,

    Welcome. I am glad you found something that encouraged you.