Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

On July 30, our President issued an Executive Memorandum on embryonic stem cell research. That Order says in part:

"The Guidelines are based on the principles that responsible research with human embryonic stem cells has the potential to improve our understanding of human biology and aid in the discovery of new ways to prevent and treat illness, and that individuals donating embryos for research purposes should do so freely, with voluntary and informed consent. These Guidelines will ensure that NIH-funded research adheres to the highest ethical standards."

Now all that sounds good, right? Phases like "responsible research," "discovery of new ways to prevent and treat illness," "donating... freely, with volunary and informed consent," and "highest ethical standards" all sound pretty noble and important.

This was not covered on any news I heard. With all the debate on "health care reform" and "cash for clunkers" no one was watching. Shame on us!

My only question is: Who speaks on behalf of the embryos? When is their free, voluntary and informed consent solicited and documented?

Besides all the moral problems, check out this article in Forbes:

Woe unto us when we call "evil" "good." Now that we have our foot in the door, what's the next step?


  1. Barf...we should all be on our faces begging for mercy!

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  3. It really is ironic that the more science points toward the truth of life beginning at fertilization, the more the world tries to convince a person isn't a person until its mother chooses for it to be so.