Monday, August 3, 2009

Comments on Health Care Bill

Dare to read, you might be surprised by my conclusions...

The wording in the current health care bill is a slap in the face of the “silent” or “greatest” generation – the generation that lived through the depression, fought in World War II, sacrificed so much during the war, raised the “baby boom” generation (the largest ever in history), and contributed to one of the greatest periods of economic growth in human history. They have been missionaries, evangelists and, ambassadors. Many have had to give up even more due to “rebounding” children – grown children who fail at jobs, marriage, life and return home to get a second start. Now the health care fix is being placed squarely on their backs and on the backs of their children. I noted the limitations of health care in England once you are 59 (the Baby Boomers are already entering the age of restrictions). The Baby Boomers are beginning to get the idea that we need to apologize for ever being born because we are going to cause so much trouble. We will be second in line to be denied by-pass or cancer surgery. In August many in Congress are holding "town meetings." When you check their websites, however, attendance is by invitation only. So they don't really want to know what we think unless they think we think like they think???

In spite of how bad the existing bill is, I think there is a bigger issue. The common denominator in all the discussions is the government: the government grants treatments, sets the rates, controls prices, sets the rules, denies treatments, etc. God establishes governments to protect its citizens. To the extent government fails to protect the citizens but instead causes harm (dictates who can live and who must die) then such a government is no longer “under God.” Those with health issues become slaves of the healthy and those who have unrestricted health care. Such a nation cannot long endure on the face of the earth. The founding fathers warned us this time would come if we let Congress pass bills that they were not subject to. Our Congress today continually passes bills that do not apply to themselves even though they apply to everyone else.

But there is yet still a bigger issue: Whether we have “universal health care” or not is not the biggest issue. The bigger issue is: Does this nation really “In God We Trust?” More and more it appears we are putting our trust in the government, Hollywood, famous personalities, rich people, money, anything or anyone but God. I note the Australians are becoming the dominant power in international sporting events and they have “universal health care” and are an overtly Christian nation. I think the biggest need in our nation is a national revival toward God. Until that happens, we will continue to have confused leaders and self-destructive national laws. The spirit of confusion on our leaders today comes directly from God as we drift farther from Him.

Look at the “Cash for Junkers” program. It has been called an overwhelming “success.” A billion $$’s were spent in just a few days. Now Congress is trying to add $2B more. But where did the money go. Much of it went to buyers who bought cars manufactured in other countries. So we transferred much of the first $1B to Japan, Germany, and Korea. Some car new inventories were reduced but this is not a sustainable approach to recovery of the American auto industry. Calling it a “success” is the same kind of confused evaluation we have seen to nearly everything the government is doing right now. The only industry that is getting a long term benefit is the car-loans companies. But maybe not: they will be getting payments and interest for 4 to 7 years from people who were driving junkers, possibly because that's all they could afford. Does this at all sound like the housing crisis that supposedly started the recession in the first place?

See you at the Town Meeting near you.



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