Friday, May 15, 2009

Rain, Rain DON'T Go Away

When we were kids growing up in Olympia, WA. It seemed to rain all the time. We were thankful for even a partially sunny day. Here in Florida, its the opposite. This is a tropical climate that depends on rain all year to flourish.

Up until this week, we had gone over 30 days without rain and all everybody could talk about was the drought. I know - 30 days doesn't seem like much, but we didn't even have any April showers.

This week, it started raining again. These are some pictures from my commute Thursday evening. This was the third straight raining homeward commute.

I missed taking pictures of the double rainbows Wednesday evening because the camera was in the back seat in the comptuer bag.

Last night the rain was not severe and there was sunshine beaming through the clouds. Also the wipers are almost new so there are very few streaks. Actually it didn't rain hard enough to get all the bugs off the window. You can also see from the pictures that the traffic is not too bad. That is because I was slightly ahead of the rush hour and because my commute is almost always free flowing, at least for the last 20 miles.

I am sure that was about as interesting as a cup of hot water instead of coffee... but that's a whole other story.

May your rain be the good kind that brings clean air, green grass and lots of blooming flowers.


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