Friday, March 6, 2009

Steve's Weight Loss Update

This week I am showing both charts. The top one is the 7-day moving average. It shows my average weight for the past week at about 213. That's a full 10 pounds less that when I started. The second chart shows the daily morning weight. This morning I tripped the scale at 212 for the second time. That's progress. The projection shows me hitting 210 in a week and a half or so! Still a long way to go 'til morning.

I have probably slacked off the running for a while. When I walk the dogs, I kind of jog in place while they are doing their thing. You should see me when no one is looking, I do all kinds of weird little exercises to engage my muscles. It's not easy to get fit when you are at a desk 10+ hours per day and commuting a hour each way.

A man plans his way, but the outcome is of the Lord May the Lord bless and facilitate all your plans!

Love, Steve

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