Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taylors in Florida

We were blessed this week with a visit from Jean and John Taylor, at right. Jean is the oldest daughter in Family Bahler. She and her huband of over 30 years stopped on their way home after a week-long cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale. We had lots of time to talk, play Wii bowling, and touring. We got to hear Jessica's angel story (you will have to ask John about it). They got caught up on Mary's wedding plans and had time to talk to the family dentist about missions in Ukrane. This picture was taken at the Wrigley (of the Wrigley Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus) museum in Sarasota. Aren't they a cute couple? The highlights were the Cad-e-zan castle and the minuture circus exhibit complete with the 3-ring circus tent and the barber shop for the workers and the elephant bathing in the creek. You have to see to appreciate it. The water in the background is Sarasota Bay. They flew back to Seattle this afternoon.

More visitors welcome.

Love, Steve

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  1. Thanks Steve and Kathi! We had a great time! You are wonderful hosts and hope you have more visitors thru-out the year!

    J and J