Friday, February 13, 2009

Steve's Weight Loss Update

This was a troubling week on the weight loss effort… actually gained a pound from last Friday. No excuses, just not maintaining. There are two formulas:

Calories burned greater than calories consumed = weight loss.
Calories burned less than calories consumed = weight gain.

It is pretty simple really. I really can’t eat much less. So just need to keep calorie consumption higher.
This week my extra exercise included:

Saturday: ran/walked 3 miles in 33+ minutes (goal is 5 KM in 30 minutes)
Sunday: none
Monday: none
Tuesday: Used Wii Fit and got 60 fitness points, including jogging in place for several minutes.
Wednesday: Walked 1 mile (two tips around the neighborhood with the dogs)
Thursday: Climbed up & down 7 flights of stairs in the parking garage & walked ½ Mile
Two weeks until the Gasporilla 5K event for which I have been training. My pulse is about 64 this morning.

May you exceed all your expectations,

Love, Steve

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