Friday, January 30, 2009

Steve's Weight Goal Update

Today's weight loss report, while still positive, shows a definate sideways and up/down trend to the data. I believe this is because I have not been as consistent as I was the first two weeks in doing something every day. Of course there is always an excuse. Last night it was raining (well it was.... even if it was only a slight drizzle :-)). No excuses tonight or this weekend, weather promises to be dry and cool. Perfect for walking and jogging. Another good report, I am almost always using the middle notch on my belt the past week or so. Before I started it was always one notch larger.

Enough for today. Does anyone else what to report progress on New Year's Goals or other personal/family projects? Please go ahead and do so or sent me the info via e-mail and I will add the post for you.

Love, Steve

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