Saturday, July 11, 2009

Was This a God Thing?

Last night I was working on a powerpoint presentation for a conference in Denver week after next. I was also watching TV in the background. My main prayer lately has been for family members who need new jobs. About midnight I turned off the TV and computer to go to bed. As I was waking up this morning, I began to pray for family members as I ususally do. For the first time my prayer was led pray for "sources of income" rather than just "jobs." Then as I was getting out of bed I heard noises coming from other part of the house. Turned out the cable was on, but not the TV so the sound was coming out of the surround sound system. When I checked it out it was a home Internet based business opportunity. Not sure why the cable was on. I know I turned it off too. Anyway, I listed to it and eventually called them to send the information. We'll see if this is an answer to prayer. When the Lord returns will he find any faith at all?

Love, Steve


  1. Sounds interesting! Mike actually had a written interview on Thursday and something else happened on the same day to lead us to believe that it is God's will for us to fight to stay here. So, in faith, we bought two apple trees-50% off of course! :o) It is stretching but I pray when Jesus returns he finds us faithful!
    Love you! Carissa

  2. God is faithful! He who has brought you out this far will not abandon you!

  3. Hmmm...instead of "jobs," or "sources of income" about "bountiful abundance." I don't think heaven is about just getting by or merely eking out a living, but about something far grander and magnificent. We have an incredible family who is in the process of becoming blessed far beyond our imagination. Trust and seek higher! :-)