Friday, May 1, 2009

Steve's Weight Loss Update

Another week, another pound lost. Just wanted to point out that during this adventure, I did not use any weight loss miracle pills, or herbs, or info-mercial exercise machines. I did use the Wii-Fit to help me get started. It has all been through eating a little less and exercising (mainly walking) a little more. The food I have been eating is what I always have eaten (except some of the food at the Greek Easter dinner was a little different!).

This week Kathi is starting us on a new belly bluge busting diet. It starts with drinking water mixed with cucumbers and some spices. Tastes kind of funny but its only for four days. If it helps reduce "gas" I will be happy.

Starting in a week or two, I will readjust the graph starting from where I am now and moving forward to reaching the ultimate goal of weighing about 175 or so.

May you accomplish all your glorious goals with gayety.


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