Friday, April 3, 2009

Steve's Weekly Weight Loss Update

It's Friday again so here is another graph of my weight loss progress. Hovering around 207 now, 16 pounds evaporated into thin air. Still about on schedule to get to 200 by the wedding. (That's the light blue line) Am well ahead of the original goal line (that's the purple line). The dashed line is a computer forecast if I continue at the overall historical pace. All that is probably more than you wanted to know.

Heather is in town for Mary's bridal shower this weekend. It will be at the house so I will hang out with Kathi's dad. Hopefully there will be some basketball games on or something. I guess baseball season is starting this weekend. Since those are all excuses for snacking, I will need to be careful that I don't over do it. Will try to run a ways again this weekend. Now I am trying to increase my speed as much as my distance. Seems these old legs won't move as fast as they used to without someone pushing them a little.

May you all finish your race with endurance.

Love, Steve


  1. The light blue line is one of the colors for my wedding so very fitting! Way to go dad! you should have entered our contest because I think you might have won. The snacking will be tough to avoid but that why we all work out. I'm challenging you to do Plyometrics with me next week to burn off the food. Its 1 hour including warm up and cool down.