Friday, January 16, 2009

Paralysis by Analysis

Farmer Boy's (he's actually a teen!) story reminded me of what I go through when I buy a new car. When the time is getting close, maybe out there a year or so, I analyze, investigate, discuss and other wise exhaust the topic especially for those around me (Dr. Watson). When the day comes, I usually get the first car I see. What is that? Holmes? At least I am at the right dealer (most of the time) .

My analysis paralysis is partially due to being an engineer. We are taught to check and double check every calculation (which is especially important for me since I nearly failed 4th grade arithmatic - I got better when we finally got to algebra, trigonometry and calculus, not sure why).

What is the moral of the story? There is a verse somewhere in Proverbs that says something like a man plans his ways, but the outcome is of the Lord. So I guess planning and analysis are okay but know that an action is what the Lord desires and what He guides.

Love, Steve

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